Let Me Make You A Sandwich

Let Me Make You A Sandwich

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A girl working to escape a small southern town has found a reason to stay, an illegal immigrant is being tried for a murder he doesn’t know he committed, two strangers are waking up naked and hung-over on a couch, and a Thai detective is searching for his lost brother… These are some of the layers; together they might mean nothing, but possibly everything. It’s all a part of what makes us human… or a sandwich.

Let Me Make You A Sandwich pairs some of Quist’s award-winning fiction with new stories to create a larger, overarching, narrative that explore connections, missed and made, and how we go about finding what we think we need: revenge, an escape, or a special someone.

Praise for ‘Let Me Make You a Sandwich’

The writing is beautiful and I enjoyed several of stories. The character development is outstanding. This is particularly hard to accomplish in a short story, but the author does an excellent job of using the exact words needed to let the reader form an image. I think this is one of the most important aspects to writing and one that so many writers never grasp. In general, the author is talented and shows a lot of promise… the writer is exceptional in skill.

–Writer’s Digest

Quist’s debut collection of short stories offers readers a taste of a little bit of everything–loss, revenge, escape, humor, and a candid eye for poignant moments in our everyday world–with fresh prose and structure. I especially recommend “If You Should Fall Off the Earth…” and “Lesser Gods.”

–Kali VanBaale, author of “The Space Between”

That he’s chosen to call the book Sandwich seems particularly fitting; his writing has a way of connecting with you after the first couple of sentences, and the settings and characters he writes about contribute to some of the most realistic and fleshed out pieces I’ve had the good fortune to read.

–Christopher J. Fraser, author of  “Tales From The End”


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About the Author

Donald Quist

Donald Quist is an emerging writer and English language teacher, living in Bangkok.



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